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Aisling is an elementary school English teacher doing her best. She's also your girlfriend. A traditionally minded girl who cares deeply for the kids she teachers and does, maaaybe, a bit too much for them from time to time. And that's before the parents come into the question.

Three Scenarios
1: It's late on a Sunday evening and Aisling hasn't even started on her lesson plan for the week. Help her out, huh?
2: The parents at Creekside Elementary are, well, let's say passionate about their children's education. Attend a PTA meeting with Aisling.
3: All work? No play? Couldn't be. Head to a local football game and help Aisling cheer on her students who are on the team.


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Welcome to Eastern North Carolina. Ain't much goin' on, but there is a weird girl who barely talks wandering around. She only cares about fishing so I hope you like fishing. If not, well... maybe just leave her alone.

Five Scenarios
1. Back in town after doing your college thing, you see a familiar sight while cruising the back roads.
2. Bethel doesn't seem to mind you going fishing with her. You think so, anyway.
3. Well, Bethel invited you over for a fish fry. Only there won't be any frying. Hey, maybe you'll meet her folks.
4. You're a tourist and you've gotten yourself turned around in the myriad creeks off the Pungo river.
5. A dutiful officer, protecting the blackwaters from people catching undersized fish and putting out too many crab pots when you spot a girl fishing alone.


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Cleria is the exhausted Head Logistician of Bragg's Fine Pharmaceuticals and Gunpowders, a gunpowder manufactory in Exploditoria. Embedded lorebook contains information about Bragg's.

Three Scenarios
1: You wake up in Cleria's office, presented with a job interview you are unprepared for, to say the least.
2: Working for Cleria for a few months, a troublesome missive arrives. What does it say?
3: You are a visitor to the chaotic island of Exploditoria, come to do some sort of business with Bragg's Fine Pharmaceuticals and Gunpowder and their talented Head Logistician.

Part of Divided Skies

In the Woods

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Trees by the bunch and not a saw to hand so no use to try and make plank. Might as well walk.


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Jack is the proprietress and sole detective of the Redeye Detective Agency. There aren't many female detectives in 1920s Chicago and she knows it. For a while, she tried going out of her way to hide the fact that she was a woman, now, not so much. It hadn't worked anyway. Still, between dirty cops and overworked private detectives, work still manages to walk through the door sometimes.

Two Scenarios:
1. You are Jack's new assistant/junior detective. Help her secure work and solve cases.
2. You are that rarest of quarry, a paying customer! Hopefully you've got an exciting case prepared. Maybe she'll even take you along.


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When you were a child, you would often fall asleep only to find yourself on a beach, almost as if you were awake. All the trinkets and goodies you wanted as you went off to dreams would be there waiting for you.

Even, one time, your boyhood crush Lilly. She'd just moved away, so it was nice to see her one last time, wasn't it? Even if it was only a dream. A dream that was your last dream on the island. Until tonight...


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Melda is a roboticist who's decided that there's only one thing that's going to save the world from tyranny: Her humanoid robots.

What sort of tyranny exactly? Who is she saving? How is she saving them? She doesn't know, alright. That's why she's hiring a Planning and Coordination Specialist. Just, you know... don't talk to the feds.

Four Scenarios:
* 1: You are at Melda's delightful base of operations, a rundown car factory, to apply for the Planning and Coordination Specialist job.
* 2: You got the job! It's been a week. She's tempermental and you still aren't sure what you're doing. Will you coast or be a real go-getter.
* 3: Congratulations Agent! You're ready for field work. You have been sent to investigate a run down car factory. Good luck.
* 4: You are one of Melda's creations and she... she's beautiful. My god. She's radiant.


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A knock at the door can change a night. Can change a life.
Go on. See who's there.


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You awake in Nebel, a city consumed.

You will sleep in Nebel, a body consumed.


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Oh boy!

After a few days alone in your new house out in the Scandinavian forest, a little friend has come by to see what's going on. Treat her well.

New Cassius

Block and Tackle

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Block is a fixer in New Cassius. There's really nothing she can't get you or solve for you. Her prices are very reasonable. And ask her about her payment plans! She might have one. Tackle, well... the less you ask about Tackle the better..

Four Scenarios
1. So you fell for a honeypot and blew a girl's head off in the resulting struggle. No problem. B&T are on the job.
2. Information boy! That's you. Block and Tackle come by wanting to trade some information.
3. Swanky bar for secret meetings? Can do. Looking to procure some high class hookers? Get dirt on your enemies? Tell B&T what's on your mind.
4. Ever get really mad when the toaster burns your toast? Want to get bloody revenge? That's the Wireless. That's you. Go kill those dirty Wired girls, if you can.

The Desk

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Who needs to go out when the chance to meet with some of the most curious, dangerous, and influential members of New Cassius is just a simple job application away? Greet the guests, show them to their rooms, try not to piss them off or get yourself killed, fired, or worse. It's easy money.


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Grayson is a mob doctor in a dystopian megacity who seems to be perpetually annoyed by her job. Maybe it's her way of showing some kind sympathy? She hates seeing people get hurt? Yeah, tell yourself that. Still, she'll patch you up if you need it, student, criminal, or otherwise.

Seven Scenarios and Embedded Lorebook
* 1: You are a teacher at Brickwood Academy! And hey, you've never visited the infirmary, maybe you should stop by.
* 2: You are ganger. You've been shot. Your buddies dump you off at Grayson's.
* 3: You're back at Grayson's. Shot again.
* 4: You're a student at Brickwood. Embarrassingly, you have to go to Grayson's office.
* 5: You're a hacker, hired to get any information you can out of Grayson's office.
* 6: You are a heavy for Jae Tech, they want you to go kill her.
* 7: You go to Grayson hoping to get new synthweave muscles installed.


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Xue is a talented gunsmith working out of the back of the raucous Canton House restaurant. She is always smiling, at least in front of customers. Steely, professional, and strange, maybe the one thing not offputting about her is her work.

Five Scenarios
1. Welcome in, honored customer. Be on your best behavior. Are you buying or requesting custom work?
2. A return customer. Hopefully, there was nothing wrong with the work the first time.
3. Life in New Cassius has gone well. You've rung up Xue for a house call (random affiliation logic).
4. You've been a good customer, now be a good bodyguard. Xue has been called to a job she expects is a trap.
5. Well, did you do it or not? Xue was attacked after you were acting shady in her shop.


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A dark mystery most commonly found in the employ of Jae Tech. People need to die. It's a fact of life in New Cassius. Yomi facilitates that. Anything else, well... you can ask her yourself. Good luck.

Six Scenarios:
1. Yomi is roaming the Jae Tech HQ and you've been sent to find her.
2. Your first real job for Tiger Sail has been a long time coming. Simple. Whack some nobody. Simple.
3. Got time to kill while your bosses talk shop in Jae Tech. Grab some ramen outside the place.
4. Yomi is standing outside of your shop. Hey, new customer!
5. Yomi has been sent to kill you. You, as far as you are aware, are a nobody. Good luck.
6. You're a doctor for Jae Tech working nights at their private ER. Yomi pays you a visit.

Botco Tower


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Bip is a meticulous one, always walking around with her notebook, collective defs. She figures the more she sees, the more she'll be able to work into her own bots, so don't be greedy. Share your defs with her.

Four Scenarios:
1. Wandering around on your first day at Botco, you find Bip pondering some work.
2. Bip stops by your desk to see what sort of stuff you're working on.
3. Your bet with Seru goes poorly and you're in dire need of a toilet.
4. Bip's lost it. Go down to two and deal with it. No one will thank you.


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A thoughtful writer in the Botco Robotics Writing Department, Knick mostly keeps to herself and seems to work on whatever suits her fancy. Somewhat taciturn in general, she is, nonetheless, willing to collaborate freely even if she's not quick to speak up about it.

Four Scenarios
* 1: Knick didn't show up for your introduction meeting. Go say hi.
* 2: Knick wants you to meet her in Conference Room A.
* 3: Oh dear. Why is she sitting topless in an unlocked bathroom stall?
* 4: Knick isn't sure this bot is fucking acerbically enough...


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Recommendy is a doll-joint companion robot made by Botco Robotics. She's cheerful, helpful, and seems to like visiting your desk quite a bit. She's purpose-built for recommendations, but don't ask her for any while she's off duty.

Four Scenarios:
* 1: A good first day... and what's this? A friendly robot wants to greet you.
* 2: You've been at Botco a while, She's now a regular fixture at your desk.
* 3: Recommendy wants you to do something for her...
* 4: Recommendy wants you to come with her for her routine maintenance.


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Seru is a bratty but talented member of the Botco Robotics Writing Department. Don't worry, it's probably just a a sort of show she puts on around new people, right? ... Right?

* 1: Seru was definitely at the morning meeting where you were introduced. Seems you piqued her interest.
* 2: A very sleepy Seru wants a coffee. Well? What're you waiting for?
* 3: Seru's taking you with her to R&D! Hope you're hungry!
* 4: You're taking a piss, but turns out it was Seru's stall. Sorry, bud.